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Hello, my name is Anand Singh. I started programming 7+ years ago making games with Python and Pygame. As I have progressed through my software engineering journey, I have gained an interest in creating performant and highly available systems in the distributed and embedded systems space. I'm currently on the look out for a role in backend development, ideally writing Go. Looking to bring my skills to a tech company with global reach. If you're hiring, let's chat!

Work Experience

Freelance Software Engineer @ BluHorse

August 2020 - Present

  • Improve business growth and operating efficiency for small and medium-sized businesses, such as Centennial School District, Ajit Fastway Inc., Aegis Staffing Solutions, and more, by delivering full-stack web applications and tools based on client needs
  • Demonstrate strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills to deliver solutions that met the unique needs of each client, in timely manner
  • Orchestrated the migration of Aegis Staffing Solutions' infrastructure to a scalable architecture leveraging AWS and Docker, resulting in a 90% reduction in system downtime
  • Automated internal processes for Centennial SD by developing Python tools, reducing 50+ hours of monthly labor
  • Showcased the services for Aegis Staffing Solutions by designing and developing a captivating landing page, resulting in brand exposure



A Snippent sharing code platform written with Go and DynamoDB on the backend and Next.js and TypeScript on the frontend.


A simple static website generator written in C, which allows users to write markdown and will use a configuration file to build a website.


A URL shortener with visit count data made with typescript, the PERN stack, and Redis for rate limiting.


A clone of Instgram made with Django. Includes features such as: User Auth, Follow System, Posts, and Likes.

Karat Games

Full stack website, which allows users to create an account and play Unity Games, The progress from game is saved, and updates leaderboards as users complete levels.

Drift Engine

A low level bare bone game engine being developed in C, which allows users to easily make cross platform game and desktop applications.

Clappy Lock

Android App written in Kotlin, allows users to connect to lock via bluetooth to lock and unlock it, using the microphone by having user clap a preset pattern.

Digit Recognition

Desktop application made with python and tensorflow, which allowed users to draw a number from 0-9 and the program would recognize the handwritten program.


Simple, but feature full chess program written with C and SDL.

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